Fez Full day sightseeing tour

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Fez Full day sightseeing tour

Through this Fez Full-Day Sightseeing Tour you will have the opportunity to explore the cultural, traditional, and the spiritual side of the Moroccan Scientific capital, Fez.
The first place we will start with in this tour is The Royal Palace it is located directly in front of the Jewish Quarter (we will visit it too). Previously, it served as a residence for the Sultan, later it became a place for many government officials. Today, the Moroccan King Mohamed VI also moves regularly to this palace. Although you cannot enter the palace as a visitor, but it still looks stunning from the outside, with its magnificent portals that usually attract visitors to take great photos.
Afterwards we will head toward The Mellah or The Jewish Quarter, it is a very fortified walled quarter that is located near to the Royal Palace in order to protect its inhabitants from recurring riots since its inhabitants played a vital role in the local economy. The Mellah was the area of the first Jewish settlement.
You will visit The Ibn Danan Synagogue, which is a synagogue that was built by Mimoun Ben Sidan and dates back to the 17th century. This synagogue has been added to the 1996 World Monuments Watch List and Fund.
Next, we will see the Ceramic School, where Zellij (ceramic) and its techniques taught and made, you will have the chance to look closely how this old traditional handicraft is made.
After having a lunch break, we will continue our tour to Bou Inania Madrassa that was found in AD 1351–56 by Abu Inan Faris. It is well-known as a high point of Marinid architecture and of historic Moroccan architecture generally.
Our next destination will be The Chouara Tannery, It is a souk that is located near a watercourse like a river in a distance from residential areas to keep the smell cleaning leather causes.
This tour will include Nejjarine Square, this square is a historic Funduq established in the 18th, it a traditional inn located in the Old Medina. This place is decorating the heart of Fez with a traditional public fountain that captures the eyes of the visitors.
University of al-Qarawiyyin is among the most famous places in Fez, This ancient University was founded by Fatima el-Fihr in 859. UNESCO considers it as the oldest existing university in Morocco that is universally located in Fez. This University place the role of being spiritual and educational at well, and distinguishes from other Universities by its majestic architecture and deeply-rooted rich history.
You will visit a near school beside the previous one which is The Al-Attarin Madrasa, located to the north of the Al-Qarawiyyin University, it is one of the most beautiful Moroccan schools, despite its small area, due to its wonderful decorations that make it a rare masterpiece. This school consists of an open courtyard, surrounded by a square prayer hall and halls designed to receive students and teachers.
The Mausoleum of Moulay Idriss is a spiritual place that we should pay a visit as well, it is considered one of the most important shrines and corners of the ancient city of Fez, which has a large number of visitors coming to visit the city, whether from inside or outside Morocco.
This fez full day sightseeing tour cannot be finished without seeing The Mausoleum or the Zaouia of Sidi Ahmed Al-Tijani, it is a religious mausoleum that is located near the University of Al-Qarawiyyin. It is one of several other Zaouias and it is distinguished by its decorated façade facing the street and its minaret in turquoise color.
Before ending our tour, you will head toward Seffarine Square. It is a special place where the traditional Fassi ceramics produced and made, you will get to know how this process goes and how to produce a wonderful piece of ceramic.
In this tour, we will discover The Jewish Cemetery, it is an area of thousands of white tombs that was established in 1883 and recently painted in 2019. Many notables such as the 19th centuty martyr Solica.
Dyers souk of silk, wool and cotton is a market located in Teinturies, it is where wool and cotton of every type dyes in multiple attractive colors.
you will get to see the Weavers Cooperative as well, a place to weave textiles to produce many kinds of clothes, mainly the traditional and the national ones such as Jellabas.
Finally, after finishing this exciting tour in Fez, we will drop you off to your accommodation.

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